You Asked & We Listened — Here’s Updated Report & What To Expect From Puffy Finance — Q1-2022.

Puffy Finance
3 min readJan 29, 2022


As we approach the end of the first month in the new year, we would like to share the progress and journey so far and to also officially announce what we are looking to achieve before the end of the first quarter of the year.

Recently we published a poll, where we had the community share with us the features and functions of the ecosystem they would want the team to roll out first as we begin the official launch of the platforms. Incase you have not seen it, let me quickly share with you the results from the poll:

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The poll which was published on the 10th of January gave us a clear insight and understand of community expectations and we always put the community first. Be rest assured of our dedication, hunger & drive for success.

To this regard, the first project development sprint has been completed and we are happy to showcase and share it all with you today! However, please take note that it is currently in the beta state and our development team are working behind around the clock to make sure we go live as soon as possible.

This is what our dashboard looks like! See screenshot below:

Please note that, this is the first project sprint and still in beta testing phase. We shall be releasing the features and updates gradually starting with Swap, Farming & Staking functions of the ecosystem based on the outcome of the vote results from the community as above. In the mean time, you can view on your devices here —

PS: As part of our commitment to the successful launch of the ecosystem, below are some of the target milestones and what we are working to achieve on Puffy Finance before the end of the first quarter of the year:

February, 2022

  • Complete & Launch Puffy DEX & Yield Farms
  • List $PUFFY on DEX To Open Up Trading & Swap Functions
  • Complete CEX Lisiting of $PUFFY To Enable $PUFFY/USDT Pairs
  • Launch $PUFFY Lending Features To Boost Ecosystem, Increase User Adoption & Provide Low Interest Lending/Borrowing To The Market
  • Revise All Applications & Parnerships & Announce Major Progress Updates

March, 2022

  • Provide More Listing Pairs & Partner With Reputable Projects To Boost Liquidity & Create An Healthy Market For LPs & Holders
  • Add Lotteries & Give-aways To The Ecosystem
  • Launch The $PUFFY IDO & Launchpad Function
  • Get Listed On Coinmarketcap, Coingecko & Top Platforms
  • Begin The Process For Next Major CEX Listing of $PUFFY On A Bigger Exchange To Boost The Market & Increase User Adoption

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