Top 5 Reasons Why Smart Investors Are Placing Their Bets On Us & Choosing To Invest In Puffy Finance

Puffy Finance
2 min readNov 12, 2021


Puffy Finance is no doubt about to become one of the most innovative and biggest projects to launch on Polygon Network. While the private sales is going on, we took some time to ask a few interested professionals on why they are choosing to support the PUFFY Finance project and below are some of the top reasons. I think you will find them useful too:

1. We are bringing next generation DeFi to 0xPolygon — Employing the scalability & power of Polygon, Binance Smart Chain & Other Ethereum EVM Compatible Platforms.

2. Layered Farming is the future of Decentralized Finance — In simple terms It’s more like having extra farming layers such that new layers can be called new names for example PUFFY1, PUFFY2, PUFFY3….PUFFYn structured in such a way that if you have PUFFY1, you can easily get PUFFY2 and whatever PUFFY1 you used to earn PUFFY2 will be burnt thereby eliminating it completely from circulation. EXPLOSIVE Innovation!

3. The $PUFFY Dividend Pools will allow the $PUFFY token holders to stake and earn such as $MATIC and other valuable crypto assets that will be listed on the platform.

4. Governance Token is Deflationary! the token burn mechanism will keep reducing the available token so therefore as supply decreases and demand increases, the value and price is also expected to grow according too thereby further increase yield & returns for holders and users of the Puffy Finance ecosystem.

5. The PUFFY NFT Marketplace is the most advanced NFT Marketplace so far. Puffy Finance NFT ecosystem will be fully compatible with Meta and will be integrating into the Metaverse with the new innovative PUFFY Finance model & interoperability technology we are implementing!


  • 30% of deposit fees will be used for marketing, development & promotions
  • 20% of deposit fees will be used to buy-back and burn tokens to reduce supply
  • 20% of deposit fees will be used for liquidity & be added to dividend pools
  • 20% of deposit fees will be used for liquidity & be added to dividend pools
  • 10% of deposit fees will be rewarded to team for miscellaneous & allowances.

Token Name: Puffy Finance

Token Ticker: PUFFY

Chain/Network: Polygon Network

Token Total Supply: 50,000,000

Token Contract Address: 0x1dc030780fd54ca0e29e829cd69d6bc23f9d9e57

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Liquidity Locked — 2years

Private Sale Ends: November 20th, 2021

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Puffy Finance

Bringing Unparralleled Access To Decentralized Finance Opportunities Allowing Users To Exchange Tokens, Providing Liquidity via Farming & Earning Fees In Return