Puffy Finance Is Now Live On Binance Smart Chain! Here’s Updated Roadmap & Everything You Need To Know About What’s Coming Next!

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3 min readDec 17, 2021


Finally we are extremely delighted to share this amazing news and updates with the highly esteemed, loyal and patient community of the Puffy Finance Ecosystem. As part of our culture, growth and consistent progress is one thing the team will always continue to portray and though there is no such an easy road or easy climb up to success, we are confident that with every gradual progress and steps taken, our ultimate goals will be achieved.

As we toast a hearty cheers to this, we are proud to share with you that the Puffy Finance Ecosystem is getting fully ready to not only become a multi-chain platform but with this new progress, we are closer to the official release/launch of the Puffy Finance Staking & Farming V1 too.

The Good News!

We are now live on the Binance Smart Chain Network and below are the official details and features of the new PUFFY BEP20 Token

PS: 50% of total supply has also been burnt too! See Proof of Burn Here.

The BEP20 Puffy Finance Tokens are also deflationary and share very strong similarities and features with the Puffy Finance Tokens on Polygon Network.

Here’s What’s Coming Next!

As we approach the final rounds of the Puffy Finance ongoing IEO, interested participants can purchase either of the tokens at the new price of $0.1 starting December 18th — 2021. More details on this process will be officially anounced and published by team.

The new $PUFFY BEP20 will be made available across all major IDO platforms from Dec. 18th — 2021 so that interested participants can purchase their tokens. There will be an AMA with the CEO to answer all questions the communities might have followed by an official anouncement for all token holders to address the holders on the different networks and how best they can make the most of their assets.

In addition to all of the above, an updated milestone, improved roadmap & what to expect in 2022 will also be officially announced and published by team. We shall also be sharing with all holders of the $PUFFY tokens and the community the most important dates and targets to take note of.

No doubt we are all genuinely excited about this new milestone and achievement and as mentioned earlier while this not only makes the Puffy Finance ecosystem a multi-chain platform, it also brings us all closer to the official launch of the V1 Staking & Farming platform which should be ready on or before Dec. 31st so that early holders can begin to participate and start earning yields early too. Our vision keeps getting clearer, more achievements and bigger anouncements coming soon.

Make sure to stay connected and be a part of the Puffy Finance community via any of the links below:

Telegram: https://t.me/PuffyFinancePro

Twitter: https://twitter.com/puffyfinance

Medium: https://puffy-finance.medium.com/

Website: https://puffy.finance/

or you can shoot us a quick e-mail to: info@puffy.finance if you have any questions or inquiries.



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