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Introducing Puffy Finance: Multi-Chain DeFi & NFT Platform On Binance Smart Chain, 0x Polygon & Ethereum Network.

It is no longer news that despite all the opportunities available in crypto, there is so much more than can still be achieved beyond possible human imagination. Before I introduce this ground-breaking and outstanding innovative project to you, First let’s quickly look at top 5 recent developments that has impacted the trajectory of the crypto industry and given us a reason to know that DeFi is definately here to stay forever:

  1. The one and major ground breaking development recently was El Salvador adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender! Are you sure the world is ready for the global crypto take-over? Personally, I see more companies following this path. And You? What do you think? You can drop comments below!
  2. The Rise of NFTs — From Jay Z, to other top industry leaders exploring NFTs, there is no doubt so much more to expect from this industry. For the sake of this article, according to reports by non-fungible.com — In 2018 the market cap of NFTs was calculated at just under $41M. By 2020 that number had risen to just over $338M for a CAGR of 187.28% from 2018–2020. In the Q1 of 2021 alone, ovber $2billion was spent on NFTs!
  3. Binance Smart Chain To The Rescue! Remember the days of extremely high gas fees on Ethereum Network? Boom! Binance came to the resuce with the Binance Smart Chain thus ushering a new generation, creating a robust and solid platform to build more innovative solutions.
  4. Matic Network Becomes Polygon! A ground-breaking frame-work for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks thereby making a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem a reality!
  5. and Finally, Here Comes The Puffy Finance Ecosystem! The multi-chain DeFi & NFT Platform on Binance Smart Chain, 0x Polygon & Ethereum!

In this article, we shall cover what to expect from the Puffy Finance Ecosystem, features, roadmap and more.

What To Expect

Puffy Finance will allow traders, liquidity providers and holders enjoy the returns and yields from DeFi via Staking, Farming and other DeFi activities including rewards in NFTs and much more. Puffy Finance is 100% community owned but has been structured to be self-sustaining. The ultimate goal is to ensure maximum yield and returns for holders. The first version of Puffy Finance will be built on Binance Smart Chain, other versions will be built on other networks including 0x Polygon and Ethereum with the governance on each network mutually independent.

As part of our goal to create a robust and independent ecosystem, in addition to launching Puffy Swap & AMM, the Puffy Finance team is also looking into making it possible to enable trading between all tokens under the Puffy Finance Ecosystem. Take note that in the future, we see other projects getting listed on our platform and by the time we get started on NFTs, there will be no limitations to how huge the ecosystem can grow!

Some other features to expect besides Farming, Staking, NFTs & rewards also includes instant withdrawals, low farming and staking fees, token burns and circulation management, anti-whale optimization & prevention of market manipulations. Besides the governance token being 100% decentralized, the total supply is also extremely low compared to other projects currently available in the crypto space and being a 100% community owned project, there is actually no limitations on the growth and expansion of Puffy Finance.

As time goes on, more networks and block chain will be added to the eco-system as we release updated versions of the platform and in the future the team is looking to release a DEX for easier trading and exchanges between tokens on the Puffy Finance Ecosystem.

Make sure to stay tuned for more details and be sure you do not want to miss out on early bird benefits, advantages and the pool of endless possibilities of the ever-growing DeFi space. Connect with us today and welcome to being a part of the PUFFY Finance family!

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Bringing Unparralleled Access To Decentralized Finance Opportunities Allowing Users To Exchange Tokens, Providing Liquidity via Farming & Earning Fees In Return