End of Q3 - 2021 Review & Updates On The Puffy Finance Ecosystem

As we come to the end of another quarter of 2021, It is imperative that we share with our highly esteemed community, partners, investors and friends of the Puffy Finance project all that we have been up to and been able to achieve in the past 3 months.

In this publication, we shall be sharing with you the latest and most exclusive updates on the the project so far.

Let’s start with the earliest part of Q3–2021 — Following the completion of agreement & terms by the team and slot reservations made by interested investors, A new team had to take over the project from the previous team because of mutually alligned goals and objective. In order to maximise these changes and new forces affiliated together, a new board of directors and members had to be inaugurated and this took us quite some time to conclude.

Along the line somewhere in the middle of the Q3 of 2021, more experienced professionals and industry experts indicated private interest in the project and all rights, assets, creative materials and everything related to the PUFFY Finance project and brand was acquired by a new team taking over fully from the previous board of directors and advisors in a mutually beneficial and smooth transference of rights. This board of advisors and new members have appointed their own CEOs, CFOs and project leaders who are extremely experienced professionals in the crypto industry and proven track records of past projects some of which have been affiliated with top industry leaders and platforms including but not limited to exchanges like Probit, Cointiger, Hotbit, Binance, MXC with successful projects listed on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Blockfolio amongst other top and trust indutry platforms.

With this new board and organizational structure, the Puffy Finance team is highly confident that the experience of these professionals and their already established reputatuon and networth will no doubt contribute highly to the success of this project and as such we would like everyone to know that we are sincerely happy at the recent turn out of things between partners, investors and all major stake holders — we can’t wait to have the community on this journey with us. Although while many of our professionals prefer to stay behind the scenes, all members are fully doxxed and credible. We are also happy to let you know that we can boast of a robust and gloabl team with members and professionals from all over the world some of which includes, (Advisor & Legal Team), (Product Development & User Experience), (PR, Marketing & Partnerships), (Blockchain Tech Executive & Developer) and several others. You can click on their names to send a direct message to them incase you want to reach out.

PS: Other members of the new team and official moderators will be published and pinned to the official telegram channel so make sure to only liase with the admins only when reaching out.

How Has The Puffy Finance Project Been Affected & What Happens To Earlier Partners and Investors?

One major changes to the project that should be mentioned here is that we shall be building on the Polygon Network first and then on everywhere next!

The major reasons for building on Polygon first will be share in a seperate article and write up but hopefully the image below can help you see some reason why. *wink*

Other platforms we shall be building on after the completion and launch of PUFFY V1 on Polygon includes, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum Network, Solana amongst others.

So this means the Puffy Finance first launch will be on Polygon network and users can get to enjoy all the benefits and rewards at this very early phase considering the great potentials of the Polygon network and its performance track records — PS: We know the price of $MATIC one day will hit $10 and even $100, its just strategically smart and wise that we are structurally positioned for its parabolic growth, hence we are encouraging you to join and ride on the movement with us. It is still very early to get on board now. Puffy Finance is one of your best options right now to take you there with the coming PUFFY/MATIC pairs, PUFFY/USDT pairs, PUFFY/BNB pairs et.c

For earlier investors with reserved slots, we want you to know that all terms and conditions still apply and nothing has changed, you can still get to enjoy all the privileges and terms and agreed upon on commencement. We want you to all to know that you are fully covered and carried along too.

PUFFY Finance Reports & Statistics So Far:

While the Q3–2021 has been more a lot of administrative achievements and milestones, we were able to make some progress and records some numbers too in the mean time which are as shared below:

  • New Token Contract Deployed & Verified on Polygon Network
  • Total Supply Remains 50,000,000 Tokens
  • Airdrop Registrations & Interested Registrations — $5,000 Worth Rewards In Addition To Previous Events
  • Over 10,000+ people already registered — Stay tuned and be on the look out for next anouncement to register
  • Over 100+ people registered to get whitelisted for sales
  • Over 900+ Members in the Telegram Community
  • More than 4,000+ twitter followers already in less than 3 months!
  • Secured Partnership already concluded with about 3–5 top industry platforms and industry leaders with more to come and to be anounced in coming weeks

Whats Next For The Puffy Finance Project

In the next coming days, we shall publish another detailed article on our targets, our plans and milestones for this quarter i.e the next 3 months to keep our community and everyone on top of the game and to know what to expect.

So please make sure to stay connected and be on the look out for anouncements so you dont miss out on this great opportunity. Make sure to be a part of the community via any of the links provided below.

Join us on:





or you can shoot us a quick e-mail to:

Thank you and we look forward to having you around!



Bringing Unparralleled Access To Decentralized Finance Opportunities Allowing Users To Exchange Tokens, Providing Liquidity via Farming & Earning Fees In Return

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Puffy Finance

Bringing Unparralleled Access To Decentralized Finance Opportunities Allowing Users To Exchange Tokens, Providing Liquidity via Farming & Earning Fees In Return